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ESPN hates Federer

Although Nadal’s victory made the headline more prophetic than I once believed, the quickness with which they discredited the greatest player in the Tennis game is bizarre. During the first rain delay of today’s Mens Final, when Nadal was 1 Game away from winning the Championship in 3 sets, the brain-trust at the WWL felt it wise to hitch their buggy to Nadal’s horse. They chose to predict that the rain delay was only “delaying the inevitable”. Since when has victory over Federer been inevitable? Sure he was down 5-4 in the possible deciding set, but hasn’t the man won the last 5 Wimbledon Championships? Doesn’t he deserve the benefit of the doubt? And when did headline writers start offering opinions? Pretty fucked. 

Even fuckeder, was the WWL’s follow-up headline, describing the possibility of a Federer victory as a “dream”. So Federer defeat, inevitable. Federer victory, a dream. Either some copy editor was jonesing for the capri-beater combo of Spain’s favorite son or ESPN was attempting to dissuade the public from tuning in to NBC’s coverage. Either way, the WWL should stick to pseudo-clever puns instead of alienation when it comes to the Main Page.


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