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More Credible: The Score or Kimbo Slice?

Last nite Kimbo Slice took advantage of some “generous” officiating to defeat James Thompson in a 3rd Round TKO. According to those able to view the event (for some unknown reason, my cable provider cut the CBS feed last nite), Slice appeared to tap out in the 2nd round, but was allowed to continue due to some indifferent officials. Or greased.

Unfortunately it appears as if the illegitmate victory will keep the Slice criticism rolling, which is pretty shitty. After watching a Score promo a couple days ago, I realized the absolute shittiness of their journalistic standards. You’re going to look for objective opinions from guys whose livelihood would be affected by Slice’s success? Hmmm, I wonder what they’re going to say. 

Well, first of all, leading off your anti-Slice segment with commentary from a man recently suspended for steroid use is puzzling to say the least. Watching Sherk complain about Slice’s “quick rise” and questioning whether “he has earned the exposure” was laughable. Didn’t you just get suspended for taking the easy route, Sherk? Who are you to question a dude’s work ethic?

Second in the Score’s horrible piece was one Randy Couture. While Randy certainly seems like a decent guy, his objectivity regarding the Slice is non-existent. On one hand the man questions the legitmacy of the EliteXC brand and Kimbo while on the other trains with Slice’s opponent, James Thompson. So Kimbo and EliteXC are garbage but James Thompson is not? How does this make sense.

Couture also made a point of criticizing the opponents EliteXC puts in front of Kimbo. Haven’t easy opponents been in front of rising UFC stars for the past 5 years? Come on, imitation is the greatest form of flattery big man.

And finally, the third member of the anti-Slice crew, Mr. Dana White. It’s pretty obvious that White would suffer from the rise of Slice and EliteXC, so asking him to objectively critique Slice’s abilities would seem pretty fucking retarded.

What pisses me off most about these assholes’ lazy, selfish critiques of Slice is their constant bemoaning of his street fighter background and its negative effect on MMA. Isn’t your biggest star a former street fighter (Rampage)? When was the last time you heard Goldman and Rogan say “Oh no, it appears as if this fight has regressed into a sloppy brawl” Fucking Never!!! Whenever two UFC fighters stand up for the majority of the fight, the guys sound so excited you’d think the UFC ring girls were sucking them off. This petty bullshit concerning Slice’s lack of skill is pathetic. The only thing that differentiates Lidell from Slice is the Iceman’s “takedown defence”, something that would hardly qualify Chuck as an all-around fighter. All this UFC whining is petty selfishness. Theres more than enough dough to go around and fucking brand competitiveness will just makes things more interesting. Fucking embrace the Slice.



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