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What about Colin Cowherd?

After witnessing the blogosphere crucify Joe Buck for his lack of interest in watching baseball, I have to wonder why Colin Cowherd isn’t receiving the same treatment. Buck is paid to describe events. He’s not paid to offer analysis or insight. Call the game. That’s his job. If a prominent color man said the same things, I could understand the reaction, but a play-by-play guy? Who gives a shit. Plus, a lack of research would even alleviate the biggest criticism surrounding his announcing, which involves not allowing the game to breath?, or something to that effect. If the guy doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about, the guy won’t speak. Seems win-win for everyone.

My issue is with Cowherd, who admitted the same sins as Buck, but with a heightened exhaustion for professional sports. Cowherd is paid to offer interesting insight on the world of sports. The entertainment of his show is based on his level of research and understanding. How the hell is he going to do this without watching games, and furthermore, how can any one tune into his show after he revealed he doesn’t have time to watch sports*?

*This could be the reason for the blogosphere’s disregard for his revelation. No one listens anyways.

Aside: I know Cowherd isn’t the voice of America’s pastime, and his audience isn’t nearly the size of Buck’s, but his livelihood as a successful radio host is based upon intelligent opinions (which most will probably say he completely lacks, but whatever) derived from experiencing sporting events. Buck basically plays I-Spy with Tim McCarver**.

**He always wins.

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