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A Stoppage Scandal in the UFC? Nahhh…

Only two weeks after the MMA elitists reigned down allegations of match-fixing upon EliteXC, the UFC ironically appears to be in the midst of a controversy themselves. Last nite, during the Ultimate Fighter Final between Amir Sadollah and CB Dalloway, some premature stoppage was definitely in play. After idiotically taking Amir to the ground, which he vowed not to do in the pre-fight interview piece, CB was semi-caught in an armbar. Though it didn’t appear fully in place, CB tapped Amir’s leg just ONCE, forcing experienced ref Herb Dean to call the fight.

While I agree with Dean’s stoppage, mostly because CB is a rabid douchebag, I doubt everyone will share my sentiment. Usually taps aren’t as deliberate and calm as the one CB layed on Amir’s leg. They usually show some urgency, which was absent from CB’s action.

On the other hand, if CB wasn’t tapping, which his shocked mangled face* appeared to believe immediately after the stoppage, then what the fuck was he thinking? Wasn’t there precedent for armbar stoppage via Amir? Weren’t you caught in a submission? The single hand tap, whatever your intentions for it, may not have been the best course of action at that particular time. I mean were you hoping Amir would let up on the armbar, allowing you to pummel him with your upper lip?

There can be arguments made from each side, but how ironic is it that a controversial stoppage came just 3 weeks after the purists denounced the EliteXC as rigged trash. Could there be reason for CB’s contrived defeat? I can think of one.

RIDICULOUS CONSPIRACY ALERT: During the final episode of TUF: Rampage v. Forest, Jesse Taylor was given the boot for being a belligerent asshole. Though his removal from the UFC was certainly justified, vandalizing limos and harassing women ain’t cool, the lack of punishment for CB was questionable. I mean he was with JT the whole time, as the lobby videotape showed** and he admitted in his blog, and you’re going to tell me he wasn’t provoking JT? I mean this guy went to ASU. He’s not Tim Credeur. He’s a fucking frat boy asshole. How could Dana not punish him as well? Didn’t that Lobster clown get the boot for REFFING a house brawl? How is this any different?  

I guess the punishment came in the form of a questionable stoppage given to a personable, humble fighter who would be a much better face to brand UFC with. I mean CBs’ is kind of weird looking.

*Was not damaged during the fight

**It’s hard to miss the stiff upper lip and 10 inch forehead of Mr. Dollaway




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