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Cardigans, Indie Tees, and…College Football?

While watching some Jays’ baseball this afternoon, I witnessed two radically diverse sects of American Culture collide in one 30-second spot. Turns out Christian Lander, the painfully self-deprecating defender of Hipster taste*, is the new pitchman for NCAA Football 2009. Shrewd, EA, shrewd.

While I’d usually describe hiring a pitchman who’s unknown to 99% of the country as ill advised, EA Sports has most likely reached it’s selling peak, barring an explosion** of Travis Henry copycats. Either people like virtual recreations of College Football or they don’t. Hiring some panderer like Jeff Foxworthy isn’t going to boost sales enough to justify his fucking absurd appearance fee***.  

Anyways, EA’s newest choice of pitchman is brilliant. While his likeness will go unrecognized by the vast majority of people, those who do recognize him will immediately hop in the Prius and aim it for the nearest Best Buy. Seriously, this guy is the Gandhi of the self-satisfied.

*Or the purveyor of hysteric self-consciousness. Or the man behind Stuff White People Like. Granted, Post #11. Nice.




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