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Nice Call Pop

While the truthers of the world are screaming foul today, the real culprits ain’t last nite’s crew but Mr. Pop and his band of Foreigners. Your drawing up a play for the Barry? Come on. While going with the hot hand is kosher in the regular season, doing so in the Playoffs seems kind of counterproductive. Mr. Pop, didn’t you benefit greatly from Pargo’s lunacy in last round’s Game 7? How’d that work out for Byron Scott? Plus, the last important playoff game decided by last-second free throws occured in 2006 (it was either D-Wade or Dirk who knocked em down)

I thought all anti-social coaching heroes were history buffs? I guess Pop doesn’t have any time to spare between his coaching responsibilities and covertly pimping the benefits of ProActiv Solution.

Even more unexplainable was Manu’s complete indifference to the non-call. While Barry was in the midst of the classic Spurs’ protest, Manu seemed more interested in post-game plans (possibly a viewing of Baby Mama? A lil’ Alamo desecration? Who knows?) Wheres the support Manu? I guess the WASP gets no love in the Spurs’ locker room.

Whatever. Who gives a shit. Gimme some Cs-Lakers.

Video via Deadspin

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