The Degradation Begins


Sarah Taylor eases the pain

Was just flipping through the channels and happened to land on the 2008 MMVAs. Since it’s a Canadian production, I felt it my patriotic duty to continue watching the Mandy Moore of Music Networks’ (cause, you know Mandy is too wholesome. But thats not really relevant) annual shindig. It’s usually decent and I always appreciate some classy/whorish VJs. Clarish? Whossy? Oh, whossys’ it.

Well, while I was tolerating the Canadian effort, one particular moment brought the fury. Ontario’s most successful moron Jason Spezza* was invited onstage to present some worthless award to some awful Canadian band. While this is commonplace for the MMVAs, the one night where the worst Canadian artists are celebrated by ignorant C-Listers, the introduction music was not. Jason Spezza walked onstage to the HNIC theme. Fucking disgusting. Fucking unfathomable. CTV, you depraved assholes, we realize he’s a fucking hockey player. It was made clear during the VERBAL introduction. Theres no need for HNIC, no need. In two weeks, they’ve transformed the Second National Anthem into a Pavlovian trigger for patriotic rage.  

God, they have wasted no time. What once signified Leafs-Habs, Flames-Oilers, Don Cherry, Bob Cole has quickly been debased to introducing illiterate Centres to hordes of screaming teenagers. Its been two fucking weeks. Jesus. They’re not even going to pretend to respect the song’s history. I mean the MMVAs? Whats next? Baby Blue**?

*According to my buddy. Not sure on the specifics, but the punchline is he’s incredibly stupid.

**Obscure softcore Canadian porn. Yeee Yeee City TV. I mean fuck you CTV.

Pic via MuchMusic Blog

For visual evidence of the blasphemous act, check out Much Axs


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