Jamal the Meek

Was searching for the latest news on Jamal Crawford, since you know, the TJ deal is pseudo-imminent, and found this interesting piece from the Associated Press. Supposedly, the rocky relations between D’Antoni and Crawford are officially over. The reason for the turn-around: A Phone Call. Huh…

Besides the surprising ease of gaining Jamal’s allegiances, the first line of the piece proclaims “Knicks guard Jamal Crawford has changed his mind when it comes to his new coach”. Really? I wasn’t aware his mind required changing, and according to my search efforts*, neither does anyone else. I couldn’t find anything that could be interpreted as discontent on Crawford’s part. I remember reading a NY Magazine piece describing Crawford as a company man fiercely loyal to Isiah but other than that there was nothing that implicitly stated Crawford’s supposed anger with his new coach. But lets pretend there is.

If Crawford was truly angry with the hiring of D’Antoni, he sure abandoned his position pretty quickly. A single phone call could hardly be described as a difficult courting period. Despite Mr. Crawford’s meekness, this story somehow makes him more enticing as a possible trading chip for my beloved Raps. If BC could possibly deal TJ for Jamal, I would be giddy. A malcontent sulker for a company man eager to please, as the NY Magazine piece states, “likes to please whoever he’s with at that minute”. Sweet, there will be no battle for the Heart and Mind of the Raptors’ locker room from Jamal. The team will undoubtedly be Boshs’ and Joses’ and we would get a player who can score 20 per and be content as a second option. Add Brandon Rush and were golden. Or maybe I’ve got some weak induction skills. Who knows.


Heres some links:

Absolutely, Positively the Worst Team in the History of Professional Sports – NY Magazine

Knicks coach praised – Pasadena Star-News



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