Matt Hughes and his “Family Values”

Being a practitioner of the kicking while down life philosophy, I just have to discuss Matt Hughes’ “Family Values” Though I used to think living in a place like Iowa automatically made someone morally superior, after watching the latest installment of UFC All Access, my views have changed a lil bit. Thanks for the enlightenment Matt Hughes.

Check out this video of Rachelle Leah visiting Matt Hughes on his Iowa farm. First of all she looks amazing, spending the duration of the piece in a Daisy Dukes get-up. Awesome. Anyways, Matty Hughes too noticed the gorgeous ring girl and spent the majority of the piece flirting with his guest. At one point he even grabs her off a horse and carries her away, most likely to a barn for a roll in the hay*. While I would have no problem with this kind of behavior between two single peeps (I suspect not having sex with a single female guest in Iowa could get you banned from the state**), Hughes spent the tail end of the piece preaching the beauty of family values. Turns out the guy had a wife and two kids hidden inside while he was frolicking outside with one of the most beautiful girls in the room. Nice. I too believe the application of “values” to be purely situational. When eating ideal dinner featuring ideal corn*** with ideal family: Important. When with single ring girl: Not so much.

Heres the link:

*Since they are in fact on a farm, this is not a lazy generalization, but instead clever wordplay. Do not be offended.

**Offended? Totally understandable.

***Well, what does Iowa grow then?


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