Crosby Exhaustion

Has Crosby’s waxed chest turned Canadians off of the NHL Finals? Possibly, but theres probably something else at work.

Anyways, to me, what is most interesting about the 2008 NHL Finals is the Canadian public’s response to the supposed “rebirth”. According to this Canadian Press article, 500,000 more Canadians preferred last year’s Game 2 to this years’. Strange.

While some may argue the Finals’ lack of a Canadian team are driving the public’s waning interest, this argument is completely retarded. Hockey is Canada’s fucking game. It is the only earthly activity that Canadians have consistently dominated. Other than Women’s Ear Pull.

Even more unexplainable is the fact so many Canadians have turned their backs on the supposed savior of the NHL, Mr. Crosby. His inclusion in this year’s finals is clearly driving the improved interest in the US. Plus, Crosby has been covered so extensively by the Canadian media that you’d think most people had developed a personal connection with the Kid. 

But maybe the never ending coverage of Mr. Crosby has taken its toll on the good people of Canada. The Canadian media have been covering his life so thoroughly for so long that people may have stopped caring. Considering the limited actions Crosby performs to justify such coverage (other than his on-ice performance), it would definetely be reasonable for Canadians to lose interest. The US numbers are higher simply because they have not been subjected to the torture that is Crosby coverage.

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