Tom Brady feels that Invincible huh?

Alrite, lets break it down Tommy Boy. You play for a Boston sports team, your presence here today indicates you support another Boston sports team, yet you’re arrogant enough to rock another city’s baseball cap? From San Fransisco, no less. Thats pretty queer there, Brady.

Check out douchebag Tom Brady sitting courtside at the Celtic-Cavs game today. Are you serious Brady? Your gonna wear a San Fransisco Giants cap to a Boston Celtics game? I know no one would dare criticize anything you do, but come on, why would you risk alienating the Boston faithful to show your support for a joke of a franchise that won’t be relevant for 10 years? Have you heard of Barry Zito? The other 100 Giants fans will understand if you switch allegiances to the Sox.

I know you probably have to keep a low profile or whatever but I think the Bostonians would prefer to see you wearing this then a Giants’ cap. To quote the Sports Guy, it appears as if Brady has entered the Keith Hernandez echelon of athlete arrogance.



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3 responses to “Tom Brady feels that Invincible huh?

  1. I believe he is from the SF area having grown up a Niners & Giants fan. I respect him more for supporting his boyhood favorite team than to conform to the city where he works…

  2. jays08

    Sure its respectable that he has maintained boyhood allegiances but the venue he chose to display such loyalty is questionable. If he rocked the cap at Fenway during a SF-BOS series than I would commend him, but during a Celtics game, come on. It’s totally irrelevant and suggests he’s just looking for some media attention (possibly from his boy, Pat O’Brien) I mean, what does Tom Brady’s choice of baseball team have to do with an NBA playoff game? Or maybe I’m reading way too much into this. I just dislike Tom Brady.

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