Tarnished Awesomeness

When I first saw this commercial, my reaction was similar to numerous Nike greats; goosebumps. Nike commercials may become the new iPod spots, launching little known artists like Saul Williams to mainstream success (which probably won’t happen in Mr. William’s case, considering the content explored within his lyrics. Its pretty surprising Nike chose to feature such a subversive tune in a national ad)

Even more surprising, in a purely trivial way, is the appearances of Steve Nash and Kevin Durant in the ad. Though they both are national figures who excel at their sport, I find the comparision between LT or Purple Jesus’ offseason workouts with those of Nash and Durants’ pretty absurd. Nike men, you realize Kevin Durant appears to have never worked out a day in his life, right? When attempting to launch a workout merchandise line, you should probably do so with athletes who actually realize what they are selling. I am not doubting the fact that Durant has probably shot millions of jumpers in empty gyms or whatever but this Sparq bullshit ain’t about that. It’s about PHYSICALLY EXHAUSTING workouts. I find the suggestion that All Day races dragsters more plausible than Nike’s claim that Kevin Durant short steps.

I doubt Purple Jesus or LT or Matt Holliday were born into their current physiques but when I look at Kevin Durant’s shrivelled frame, I can’t help but feel that he has looked that way since he was 12. In short, basketball is the sport of natural athleticism, football or baseball is not, and comparing the PHYSICAL work necessary to maintain success in either sport is absurd. Case in point, VC (VC, along with Ron Artest, will always be used to argue the negative aspects of the NBA. That is their legacy)


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