MMJ on the SNL

Saturday nite saw the MMJ perform on SNL, and what they revealed got me even more excited for June 10, though they could have covered The Cardigans and I would still feel the same way. I got to say the guitar-piano conversation within ‘I’m Amazed’ is gorgeous and underutilized (in my completely ignorant opinion). The whole song should revolve around the combo.  

Though the CD will undoubtedly enter my collection sometime on June 10, I had a few minor issues with the performance. ‘Evil Urges’ wassurprisingly disappointing considering how excited I get whenever its on the radio. Both verses were underwhelming as well, but the MMJ genius revealed itself within their bridges. The ‘Evil Urges’ solo, complete with Jim’s rocking stance, the vocal bridge after the second verse, and the absolutely gorgeous call and response guitar and piano executed throughout ‘I’m Amazed’. The bridge in ‘I’m Amazed’ is fantastic for the majority, but they take it a little too far, IMO.

Despite my minor qualms, Saturday’s show was undoubtedly the greatest of the season, based upon host/musical guest combo (except maybe the Seth Rogen/Spoon duo, though I have no proof to make an assertion in either’s favor)

Here’s a link to the performances, via the Brooklyn Vegan:


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