Hanley Ramirez makes me Feel Bad

I know I’ve been supportive of the Rios contract in the past, but recent developments have changed my perspective on shit. First there was the Chris B. Young contract, which had the D-Backs giving the young slugger 28 million over 5 years, but Young’s stats ain’t that great. He may become the only member of the 30-30 club to hit under .250. He is a truly confusing specimen. When Rios breaks into the club, there will be no way hes hitting under .250 (and I’m still confident Rios will eventually break in)

However, the news today gave me vertigo. The Florida Marlins have surprisingly signed Hanley Ramirez to a 6 year deal for 70 million. The same Hanley Ramirez who has outperformed Rios’ in EVERY statistical category (except RBIs. Damnit). In his two years in the MLB. And is two years younger. Wow, I feel awful.

Comparing Jays’ contracts is incredibly difficult. When I heard the news of the Rios signing, I was ecstatic. I instantly thought of the shitness that is Vernon Wells (126 million over 7) and Frank Thomas (20 million over 2 years) and thought to myself, JP congrats. You’ve seen the mistakes of the past and corrected appropiately. The only benchmarks I was using to compare were the awful contracts of old. And it made me feel happy.

But now, I have realized the folly of my ways. The Rios contract is nothing to be ecstatic about. Its decent but ain’t special. This Hanley deal has shown me the light. Dude has performed more consistently than the Rios and clearly (no proof for such a claim) has a higher ceiling.

While some may find the comparison troublesome, money is the great equalizer in baseball comparisons, especially when the two signings occurred within two months of each other.

On the bright side, I’m pretty sure the Vernon Wells and Alexis Rios’ contracts may increase the contracts of countless guys in the near future. Any agent could point to the absurdity of said contracts and reel in some more dough. Or GMs may counter with arguments concerning the idiocy of JP. We’ll see how things play out.



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