Brutal Losing and New Bats

The 13th inning proved to be the Jays’ Achilles heel (they probably passed under a ladder across a black cat’s path while pouring salt  once again last as the Rays’ overcame a 9th inning meltdown by Troy Percival with a 5 run 13th inning to defeat the Jays’ 8-3. After Percival allowed the Jays’ back into the game in the 9 by way of a Vernon 2 run homer and Aaron Hill single, the Rays’ put it out of reach in the 13th behind a Dioner Navarro Grand Slam off former Ray, Shawn Camp. Absolutely awful. Whenever the Jays’ get involved in these extra extra inning games, the result feels inevitable. Why do I watch this shit.

Though everyone is justifiably bitching about the Jays’ failure to knock in Rios in the tenth, the same situation went down in the fourth when Scotty Roles hit a triple with one out. In this particular situation, Stairs ground out and Vern popped out leaving the Roles visibly enraged (at least mentally). So instead of vilifying Shannon Stewart (though I too wish he was dead), lets get after Matty Stairs, the man who was involved in both failures. We ain’t scared to cut ties with Canadians, Matty. You ain’t invincible. Wheres Koskie right now? He ain’t got no hand injury. Not.

Kevin Mench’s career decline: collateral damage of the Mitchell Report

Now onto some ignorant optimism. KEVIN MENCH AND BRAD WILKERSON!!! THEY WERE AVAILABLE ALL THIS TIME AND WE DIDN’T PICK EM UP!!! Inexcusable JP. But honestly, I don’t see how these dudes can help at all. I assume they’re either 1B or OF so we’ll likely have a Stewart/Wilkerson/Mench/Stairs/Overbay combo at those two positions. I don’t see how either dude is a possible upgrade over anyone, and I mean anyone. This could have one positive side effect however, as it would occasionally (and hopefully permanently) remove the universally hated Stewart from the two-hole and allow Hill to take over, which would awesome considering Hill’s confidence is presumably at an all-time high after that game tying RBI last nite.

OK, after doing some statistical research on the two dudes, they do have some skills. Wilkerson is good at drawing walks and once finished 2nd in Rookie of the Year voting. So theres that. Even more encouraging is Kevin Mench’s ability to hit left handed pitchers (like we needed help in that department) and his sweet line-drive percentage. This is pretty coincidental since I was listening to a podcast today that claimed line-drive percentages is the new OBP (concerning their mainstream usage) anddudes with LDPof 16 or over are bound to succeed in the future. Kevin Mench’s LDP: 16.9%!!! The Gods smile upon us.



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