Marcum Transcendence and Rance Vindication

Zaun tries to top AJ’s quantity with quality

Last nite the Jays’ trounced the Rays’ (in the 8th anyways) and took advantage of Shawn Marcum’s awesomness. Marcum took a 1 hit shutout into the 9th before being pulled after 3 straight hits that led to two Rays’ runs. Scotty Downs finished the game off by striking out Jays’ bitch, Carlos Pena, who has struck out 7 times in two games.

Type of poster on Scotty Rolen’s wall

We could have been witness to some Beej!! fireworks had the Jays’ not blew the game up in the 8th. Scotty Roles hit a 2 run jack in the 8th and provided some stellar defense in the 9th, snagging two GBs. Rolen just may be the most blue collar baseball player ever to play the game. While I wasn’t sure what to think when Rolen called baseball “strictly a job” on the Sportnet’s preview show, I now understand his mindset. I’ve never seen anyone looked so disgusted while playing baseball. He must love playing with Roy Halladay. While I wouldn’t know what athletes watch after a hard days work at the stadium, I could see Rolen watching carpentry montages set to Bruce Springsteen or John Cougar Mellencamp. It goes without saying that he devours sixers’ like Wade Boggs.

Besides hating his job with a hatred reserved for your father (they all do), Rolen also vindicated the Rance last nite. After advising Vern to look for the fastball on a 2-0 count in the 1st, the fat bastard inexplicably looked the strike into the mit for a 2-1 count. This occured with 2 on and 2 out. While I usually hate dudes who hate walks, I’m going to say Vern should be looking to drive in runs, not get on base and allow the Lyle to tease us with pseudo-homers. Also, if fucking Rance is able to sniff out a pitch, I figure a dude making 120 mill should too. Anyways, pitches later Vern delivered his normal bit with an inning ending groundout. Later on in the 8th when the same situation was presented to Mr. Rolen, he took it over the wall in Left-Centre. You could hear the vindication in Rances’ voice while applauding Rolen’s ability to recognize.  

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