Jefferson Secures Career as VC’s Sidekick

Jeff wishes VC was a psychotic manifestation. Sorry sir. 

Coming from the WWL, Richard Jefferson has been charged for crashing a ‘Sotan’s birthday. After breaching the VIP area in a Minnesota club, Jefferson was asked to leave by the birthday boy. Finding this request unreasonable, or possibly mishearing him through his tiny ears, Jefferson latched on to the man’s neck while presumably screaming the catchphrase of self-involved douchebags the world over, “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!?!” (no actual proof of any such utterance)

Such behavior clearly makes Jefferson deservant of becoming VC’s sidekick for life, and also untradeable, which is somewhat of a shame, because a Raps-Nets trade may have been feasible. AP-Rasho package for the Jeff could have been a miniscule upgrade and allowed BC to package TJ-1st for some more help. Now Jeffs probably as undealable as the effortless himself. Poor Jay-Z. Two untradeable contracts that will haunt him for the next 4 years.


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