Hornets push Champs around in NO

Thanks to Odenized for the clip

Last nite the New Orleans Hornets went up 2-0 on the defending champion San Antonio Spurs with a 102-84 spanking. Despite being up at halftime, albeit one point, the Spurs had no answer for the trio of CP3, Peja, and Mo Pete in the third, who combined to score 30 of the Hornets 36 third quarter points. CP3 and Peja were like MJ and Paul, scoring 30 and 25.

The Double TeaBag!!

Although the Hornets are confident and brash punks with little respect for the incumbent Spurs, for some reason I find myself rooting for them most when they’re at their “worst”. When assholes, like everyone on the Nuggets roster (or TJ) start chest-thumping, I want to punch them in the balls but when guys like T-Chands and West pick on Oberto, I’m nothing less than delighted.  Why is this? Its because the Hornets play the game right. They don’t take plays off or quit on their teammates and actually exert effort on the defensive end, as shown by the Spurs 28 TOs to New Orleans 15. When West chirps the greasy Oberto, its not for the sake of douchebaggery but because his unbridled enthusiasm for victory gets the best of him. When T-Chands sticks his crotch in Duncan’s face while hanging from the rim, I get excited. Not because 7 foot man love gets me jolly, but because I know T-Chand’s defensive intensity will counter any of Duncan’s illwill for the T-Bag.  When assholes like JR Smith, Carmelo, or TJ start strutting after a dunk or something, it fucking pisses me off because in ten seconds, they’re defensive indifference will reveal itself and the guys that torch them won’t act like an ass. In short, if you’re going to chest thump and intimidate, make sure you can hold your own on both ends of the floor.

Douchebaggery Justification

Alright now that I have revealed why the Hornets are my Western fave, check out these figahs. In Games 1 and 2, the Spurs took 31 and 27 three point shots, accounting for 44% and 37% of their total FGs attempted in each game. This is an incredible increase from the regular season when they shot 19 3P/Game, which only accounted for 25% of their total FGA. What does this indicate? The Hornets interior defense is fucking money. Instead of allowing Duncan to take his usual 18% of San Antonio FGs, the Hornets swarming double-teams have held him to 13% of San Antonio’s FGs thus far. Replacing these high-probablity shots have been kick-out threes, which the perimeter Hornets have consistently contested. Bodes well for some sweeping and showdown to reveal the true MVP.


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