Raps’ Prospects

Now that the removal of Smitch has become inevitable due to D’Antoni’s newfound freedom (God, this has to happen. Imagine D’Antoni’s impact on Bargnani’s development. HE HOLDS DUAL CITIZENSHIP IN THE US AND ITALY!!! Instead of shunning him for months (a Smitch specialty), these guys will be best buds. Please BC, eat Sam’s salary. The Jays and the Leafs are doing it), I am turning my attention to the Raps’ new glaring need: an Athletic Slasher Guy. Sure Jamarios a decent defensive precence but he offers little on the offensive end except for one dunk per game. These guys would fit in well with the running style of D’Antoni and offer some defense. No liabilities here.

Josh Smith – The most enticing possibility has got to be this guy. 3.2 BLOCKS/GAME. Imagine the athleticism of Bosh, Smith, Jamario, AP/Kapono, Jose. Would that not be the most exciting lineup in the Association? Considering his ability to block nearly anything on the floor, and the fact we would be throwing out one of the few lefty strong lineups anywhere, I would…pay money for this to happen? God, I hate Mondays.

Shawn Marion – Possible opt-out candidate. Could reunite with his former coach and form a determined bond to smite the Association. Granted, this is highly unlikely considering the Matrix would have to opt out of a 17.1 million option for next year, which may be the dumbest thing anyones ever done and also considering Marion doesn’t like winning so hes unlikely to leave Miami. Although the lure of D’Antoni could be enough to make it happen.

Andre Igoudala – Interesting piece on the Sixers summer plans. This isn’t as outrageous as I initially thought. I guess their bench is stocked with athletic swingmen so AI2 could become expendable in their search for a PF.

Antawn Jamison – Incredibly versatile PF/SF who is a threat both inside and out. Would love to have him but supposedly Agent Zero will be sniffing out max money so there is little chance the Wiz front office would allow two of their big three to leave in one summer.

Lamar Odom – This option is completely speculative but would also become increasingly plausible if the Lakers win the NBA title. If the Lakers do in fact win the NBA title someone out of Gasol, Odom, and Bynum is likely to become expendable. Considering the Lakers’ love for Bynum and the fact Gasol is killing everyone in the West right now, Odom is probably the odd man out, and he would probably be fine with that. After all the shit hes taken from Kobe over the last few years, I’m sure he would be eager to move on. He would be great for the D’Antoni system since he is incredibly versatile. Would have to be traded however, and I don’t know if two of Rasho, TJ, and AP would appease the Lakers. Maybe toss in the first rounder?

Luol Deng – Somewhat enticing option if only because of how pissed off he will be if he signs for less than the 57 mill over 5 years that he turned down last summer. He would be furious at everyone and attempt to portray himself as “worthy”. Unlike most of the names on this list, Deng coming to TO is an actual possibility due to the plethora of Free Agents on the Bulls’ roster. Well theres only two (Deng and Ben Gordon) but they’re going to be asking for mucho dollars which may leave one on the outs.

Corey Maggette – According to this clips should be looking in Toronto’s direction. Maggette in return maybe? Guys coming off a career year but I question his ability to play defense. Plus him and Dunleavy were on the outs which makes me question his character. But then again he did go to Duke? Thats a good school right there. But then again, Duke is full of rapists. But they were never charged, sooo….Don’t trade for Maggette?

Richard Jefferson – according to this shits already in the works. Plus I’d rather have Adnan Virk hitting on her than Dwight Howard’s father. Unfortunately there aren’t any Superman Sr. pics for all those who share Adnan’s inclinations.

Jamal Crawford – PG eh We’ve totally got those. I got Jamal at the bottom because, 1: there is nothing remotely exciting about him, and 2: I see little difference between playing TJ at the 2 and trading for Jamal to play the 2. Except for the 5 inch difference in height but they’re both incredibly frail dudes that seem incapable of playing some good perimeter defense which is what the Raps desperately need.

WILD (in every sense) CARD:

Ron Artest – As I said earlier in the year, there is almost no downside to having Artest on your team. Except for the ever-present possiblity of this 

TJ – According to Fanhouse  we shouldn’t be surprised when TJ is traded. The more reassurance the better. I’ve been having nightmares of TJ strutting through intros of opening night 09.


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