The Jays continued their “dealing” streak today when Doc Halladay and co. defeated the White Sox 4-3. It was the Jays 8th straight quality start, though they’re only 5-3 over those 8 games. Damnit. The Doc avoided potential murder charges in the 8th when burgeoning fan favorite Jesse Carlson struck out two to end any threat, though he couldn’t damper the threat that is Jeremy Accardo playing time. Accardo eventually kept it together long enough for Scottie Downs to end the game. May is our time.

 Matty Stairs (yes lengthening names makes me happy) showed some pop in the cleanup spot by spraying doubles to all lands and legging out some close runs at home plate. The Peeve nearly ended his jesus streak of calls in the 3rd but was saved by some poor Sox arms and possibly Zeus. His legend grows by the day.

Adam Lind once again looked uncomfortable doing anything, nearly fucking up some more flyballs and going 0-3 at the plate, lowering his Av to a respectable .049. His shittiness has extended so far that Sportsnet has reverted to displaying his AAA stats when he comes to the plate. SNYDER PLEASE

The Jays also trotted out a pretty sweet lineup, going with a Rolen-Stairs-Wells-Overbay heart, something that worked pretty well. Considering Gibbon’s hatred for continuity, his continuing to put Eckstein in the 2 over Hill is pissing me off. Sure the guys inspirational in a Simon Birch type of way but hes playing like garbage, offensively and defensively. He fucked up a routine GB in the 3rd that cost the Jays a run and has me questioning my faith in his benefits. Aren’t “intangible” guys just as valuable on the bench?


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