Marvin did what?

More shocking: Marvin Harrison torching the Pats’ or…….

Have you seen the latest, and possibly first, Marvin Harrison headline? 

Colts’ Harrison interviewed about Philly shooting


According to this AP report, the Indy recluse has been questioned by Philly police concerning his involvement in a shooting that occurred outside his sportsbar, Playmakers, on Tuesday night. The report claims that Harrison and the victim exchanged words inside Playmakers before Harrison followed the man out. Shortly after Harrison left the bar, gunfire was heard and one bullet punctured the man’s hand. Ballistics later showed the bullets came from a custom-made Belgian weapon that Harrison was believed to own. Harrison denied having taken the gun from his home but the weapon was later discovered in a bucket inside a Harrison-owned carwash. Furthering the absurdity is the revelation near the end of the report that claims Harrison was sued for attacking autograph-seeking children at the 2005 Pro Bowl. Why haven’t we heard of this? He PUT A KID IN A CHOKEHOLD. Field days in the near future for hecklers.

More idiotic: Marvin’s choice of weapon? or Marvin’s method of concealment?

Some thoughts. To get down to the most trivial, and possibly obvious, tidbits, I want to discuss Mr. Harrison’s choice of weaponry and concealment. Marv, did you really fell this man was worth a shot from your incredibly rare and traceable weapon? You sure that was the right decision? If your a man of the guns, which ownership of a custom-made Belgian firearm would suggest, why not remove your foe’s fingers with one of your more generic weapons? Just a thought. Also, starvin’, you figured A BUCKET IN YOUR OWN CARWASH was the best place to “hide” said firearm? Does the weapon mean THAT MUCH to you that you would risk jailtime to keep possession? You probably should have removed it from your land. Or any land.

Get used to this face cuz ol’ Marvin has a lot of atonement in his future

Now that Marv’s criminal survival techniques have been thoroughly criticized, I should probably address the real issues revolving around this unbelievable story. After reading the newsflash on the ESPN mainpage, I instantly began searching the web for info on Harrison because the preconceived notions I had about him certainly did not include gun enthusiasm or violent reactionism. And from what I found, my preconceived notions were pretty much dead-on. According to this Washington Post profile on the Indy receiver, which surprisingly does not mention the 2005 Pro Bowl incident, Harrison is hard-working, humble, and above all else, reclusive. He sits Barry Bonds-style in his locker by facing in; with his back turned to his teammates. He is reluctant to name friends and refuses to disclose hobbies or interests. He spends his offseasons hanging out with childhood friends in Philly. 

While Harrison has undoubtedly been one of the best players in the NFL the past decade (did you know he holds the NFL record for receptions with 143? 143!!!), it will be interesting to see how this incident will effect his portrayal in the media. Clearly shooting a dude will hurt your reputation but the behavorial descriptions within the Post piece are eerily similar to those of modern day villains Barry Bonds, tha Pacman (which I believe is officially his name), and to a lesser extent, Darren McFadden (concerning all the problems he has with his friends in Little Rock). Although Harrison is denying involvement, the fact his CUSTOM-MADE BELGIAN GUN removed someone’s fingers, Harrison will have to be accounting for a lot of things in the next couple months.



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