JP + Billy 4VR

Right now I will attempt to reduce the shame that JP must be feeling by offering an absurd theory as to why he is currently paying for his old boss’ DH. An old boss that supposedly taught the young JP to avoid exorbitant contracts.

JP and Beane have got to be working some sort of backdoor deal here. The JP is currently paying the Big Squirt (porn) 10 million to play on his mentor’s team while the As cap hit is the league minimum, a prorated $337,000 for the Frank’s services. What the fuck JP you aks? I say potential Godfather Clause. Leave the Beane family and he gets one freebie.

If JP wasn’t forced into letting Thomas go, then he must be the laughing stock of the Moneyball community right now. Beane probably only signed Thomas to punish JP for his ridicolous spending over the past few years (OK, Rios and Hill awesome, Thomas and Wells not so much)



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