Game Fouring

Half an hour away from game 4 of the Raps-Magic series and still no word on whether or not Jameer Nelson will play. Either way the Raps hold the advantage. Nelson played out of his mind the first two games and his corresponding drop in game 3 was nothing but inevitable. Now that he may be hobbled by back spasms, he is bound to lose a step to Teejose. Hopefully this will lead to extended appearances of Carlos Arroyo. Though when you look at Teej’s torching of him in games three it wasn’t like he was leaving him for easy layup, the majority of his points during that 3 minute stretch came on mid-range Js. Its kind of bizarre. Teej becomes inspired by possibility of inferior opponents? Come on man maintain that confidence.

Also according to the Orlando Sentinel’s great Brian Schmitz, who actually provides objective analysis of what he watches, the Magic have shot an anemic 22.7% from 3-PT range since the first quarter of Game 1. This cannot continue. The Magic were getting fewer open looks in Game 3, but they still received way too many gifts from the Raps overpursuit. They just failed to knock down the open looks. I foresee a closer game than Game Three but clearly the Raps’ will pull it out thanks to the ACC’s continued bullying of Dwight Howard. He really appeared effected in Game Three and yet is another indication of his inexperience. The greats let it inspire them. KG would have been glaring and screaming. Heres the link to Schmitz’s pre-game numbers.


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