Ovechkin and a Series for the Books

Ovechkin taunting the Flyers’ fans after putting the Caps up for good. Strangely, I’m not pissed.

Tonite, the Washington Capitals rallied from 2-0 in the 2nd to pull out a 4-2 victory and send their series with the Philadelphia Flyers to a 7th game back in DC. And who was at the heart of it? The most exciting and endearing player I’ve ever watched; Mr. Alexander Ovechkin. What would Bettman give for the Caps to pull it out? I think he’s sending Tim Donaghy in a Kerry Fraser wig to officiate. Jesus, the possibilies are arousing. Bettman is clearly praying to David Stern for a Caps’ victory. If this happens we could see the first playoff meeting between the NHL’s saviors; Ovechkin and Crosby. Now that the Habs have defeated the Bruins, the NHL is one Washington victory away from the series that could capture the hearts of the alienated fans of old. This could be so huge that NBC wouldn’t even relegate the games to the afternoon. If they do, look for a Nova Scotian invasion. They’re mean. And drunk.

Crosby throwing the first punch in the prepubescent Beard-Off. Ovechkin, response?

Even though I consider myself a proud Canadian, when it comes to the Ovechkin-Crosby debate, I’m siding with the childish Russian every time. The difference between Crosby’s on and off ice personas is too wide for him to be a compelling character. I’m not doubting his passion or anything because he clearly enjoys winning, but his fucking robotic off-ice persona is draining, and believe me, hes been involved in Canadian lives for quite a long time. It doesn’t grow on you. Then theres Alexander the Great. First of all, I’ve never played with, watched, or even heard of anyone who enjoys scoring more than this guy. Even Novice snipers don’t jump around like this dude after potting one. But strangely, the absurdity of said celebrations make him more endearing. Plus, the guys the most exciting weapon in the NHL. Theres nothing like seeing Alexander getting a head of steam going into the opposition’s zone. Absolutely anything can follow. That kind of spontaneity and uncertainty is somewhat missing from Sid’s game. While his playmaking abilities are FAR superior to Alexanders’, his ability to create on his own is lacking.

Will you let this man get in the way of the NHL’s Resurrection. Wait, who is this man again?

Anyways, heres a call to all diehard NHL fans out there; Do what you can to make a Capitals’ victory possible come Wednesday night. Remind Biron this is his first starting gig in the playoffs. Remind Briere that he will always be second fiddle. Remind any known Flyers’ fan that their coach is John A. Stevens; they too may have forgotten (John A.!! Who are ya friend?) Remind them that Derian Hatcher has been assigned to stopping a lineup of fleet-footed Europeans. Or even better that it is not 1999. And most importantly remind them that KENORA SUCKS!!! (fuck you Richards) The future of the NHL (seriously) relies on the creation of a Pittsburgh-Washington playoff series. If Ovechkin can lure me back to the SHOW, Ovechkin AND Crosby could entice millions. Lets make it happen. Plus I’d like to see the battle of prepubescent beards; Ovechkin v. Crosby is a battle for the ages in more ways than one.


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