Downie Syndrome

The result of too much Downie

eee thats an offensive post. Sorry, but nothing less could describe the puss that is Steve Downie. And guess what? We will all be treated to the Downs tonite when he makes his playoff debut. As if the casual fan didn’t have enough reason to cheer for the Capitals, the Flyers go ahead and make this move. Wow. Hats off to you Bettman. The Avery-apprentice may have broken the record for most people alienated in shortest time. Before he had played a regular season game, he had NHL vets and fans everywhere calling for his dismissal from the earth. Seriously, they were angry. Quite the fall from the Canadian hero he once was even though the warning signs for his impending douche-reveal were there. Didn’t he get rushed out of Peterborough for some hazing incident? Guys bad news.

No matter what STD Downie is most comparable too (crabs?), this worries me. Despite the fact hes a raging shithat, I can’t deny that I’d want him on my team in the seventh. Shit, this game just went to another level. HUUUUGE Expectations.


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