The Man Manny DelCarmen fears Most

 Every AB is v. Frank Thomas in Manny’s personal Hell

Unfortunately, the Jays will lose Frank Thomas’ unparalleled Manny DelCarmen bitchslapping tool. Though he lacks every other, even the most fervent Big Squirt hater cannot deny this simple truth; Frank Thomas was the greatest hitter alive when facing Manny DelCarmen. We should have sent him to Syracuse to hone his hatred for Manny and call him up for situational ABs. How pumped would you be to see Manny coming from the bullpen? We could set up some situation like Rocky 4 where Frank enters the game to James Brown (or I guess Shawn Desman will do. Sorry) screaming while being lowered from a helicopter into the Centre. I would pay the Big Squirt 8 mill till he was 60 to see that 3 times a year. 


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