Countin Down

The playoffs are upon us. Anything can happen and hopefully will. I am actually impressed with the Raps-Magic schedule. Its pretty decent. Only 1 day’s rest in between each of the first four games, which is rare for an NBA playoff series. The NBA just wants to end it.

Regardless of how attractive TPTB find the Raps-Magic series, I can’t stop thinking about it. The more numbers I look at the more confident I get. It don’t care if few of them support the Raps’ cause. I interpret. Anyways the one fence-sitting figure that has me the most puzzled concerns the Magic’s 3-PT numbers. Not only are they number 1 in 3-PT Attempts, they are also number 1 in 3-PT shooting %. How absurd is that? These figures support my suggestion that the Raps’ refrain from doubling Howard. He creates that many open shots man. Raps otherrans, let Rasho or Bosh or whoever do what they can with Howard. Do not leave your man. Turk and Lewis are lethal.

3-PT shooting has also been key to the Raps’ demise. Pre All-Star break they were shooting 42.1%, tops in the show. This led to a 28-23 record. Post All-Star they only shot 34.2% which corresponded with a 13-18 clip. Whoevers hitting the threes is moving on.

Also enticing (to predict a Raps’ sweep) is the success of the current 1st and 2nd units. According to the ever so helpful the TJ starting lineup may not be as awful as advertised. The combination of TJ-Parker-Moon-Bosh-Rasho has a winning percentage of 82.3% (with a win being the outscoring of the opposing 5). Pretty sweet. Not one Orlando 5 reached that mark and their favorite starting 5, with Nelson at the point, only won 52.3% of the time. The Raps’ current 2nd unit was pretty successful as well with the combo of Jose-Delfino-Kapono-Bargnani-Rasho winning 76.4% of their matchups. Although that lineup only played 47 minutes, and I am blatantly cherrypicking stats to boost my confidence, these figures all point to the inevitable; Raps in 6. 

And to prove that my smallball strategy is not purely the incoherent babbling of a pessimistic truther, a lineup similar to my proposal (Calderon-Delfino-Parker-Kapono-Bosh) won 76.9% of the time during their glorious 36 minutes together. Yeeee smallball. To shamelessly pick your own stats to bolster your prediction, heres the link:


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