Semi-new MMJ

For all yous who weren’t there to see the christenting of new My Morning Jacket, check out this clip of Jim James, sans costume, rocking the SXSW:

 Supposedly this clip ain’t that fresh but whatever, it’s new to me and also awesome so it is deservent of the title, new. Something about the spoken word style of the backing vocals reminds me of the Talking Heads which is weird because I honestly cannot name 2 of their songs (Take me to the River?) Anyways, Jimmy is rocking some nice falsetto throughout and the solo midway through is stellar.

Also posted on the Rolling Stone site is a Best of Rock feature proclaiming MMJ to be the breakthrough band of 2008. Considering the brilliance of “Z” and their upcoming appearance on SNL, it’s probably an apt prediction that “Evil Urges” will launch them.

Included in the piece are 5 snippets of new tunes with some explananach from James. My fav has got to be “Im Amazed” for the sweet call and response guitars utilized within. Can’t wait till June.


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