Will we be the Barrel?

So it appears the lamp-rubbing paid off; we received the Magic in the first round (sorry). Swwweet. But this prize ain’t no arabian princess, no sir, its the superman himself, the winner of the most ridicolous dunk contest ever (and not in a good way. redeem yourself Jamario!!), Mr. Dwight Howard. Seriously, I think we can do this, and by do this, i mean beat the Magic, not stop Howard, which is impossible. But fear not for I come with radical strategy, and no, it does not rely on veteran “saavy” (though I could see Rasho exerting his basketball IQ over young Howard. mad TOs) 

Before revealing such theory, I’m going to be blunt; we can’t beat Orlando with the lineup we’ve been throwing out there. The problem is not Howard since he will get his double-double regardless of what we throw at him. The issue will be matching up with his supporting cast: Hedo Turk, and the Vernon Wells of the NBA, Rashard Lewis. Their front court is impressingly large with all three coming in at 6’10 or more.  Considering the size and athleticism of these dudes, I have no confidence in our ability to neutralize the Magic frontcourt. Therefore, we will have to look elsewhere for an edge. Since we have no logical answer for the Orlando frontcourt,…we must run. Go small. Have the TJ/Jose duo splitting the PG, throw a combination of Delfino/Kapono/AP at the SG/SF, Jamario at the 4 and Bosh at the 5. It would force the slower Turk/Lewis to guard one of AP/Kapono/Jamario and more importantly force Howard to defend Bosh which would ideally create foul trouble which would ideally lead to extended appearances from the shitty O-Town bench. According to 82Games.com, the Magic have the second worst bench in the Association and their frontcourt depth consists of Brian Cook and a character named Adonal Foyle. Since there is little chance that our incumbent lineup can defend the Magic frontcourt, I propose creating better oppurtunities on the offensive end.


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