Who else got the Cherry Bomb?


Just listening to some tunes and I got to say, Britt Daniel of Spoon has one of the most brilliant voices of I have ever heard. Though he sounds ,and looks, like the snide douche who snickers at my Chili Peppers Tee in class, the uncanny animosity slips away after the “Right”s of “Don’t You Evah. Besides Daniel, who else is sporting the most orignal vocals these days? In my top 5, I got  Daniels, the dude from Clap your Hands Say Yeah (like Ross Gellar nasally but not infuriating and with testicles, impressive feat), the dude from Kings of Leon (Southern sounding but completely unplaceable after that), Jim James of My Morning Jacket, who could release an acapella album of Donnie & Marie covers and would still induce Pitchfork to come on their keyboard(though it probably would be a decent read. special those guys), and because I can’t think of a 5th in the same league as those boys, I’ll give a shout-out to technology and throw in the man who never met a working woman he didn’t like, T-Pain.  


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