End this Marcum

what the hell jays? once again you allow a shit pitcher to dazzle you with mediocrity. christ. at least i am 100% confident that the next time we see that albers character, we will pummel him. once the jays are exposed to mundane stuff, they punish second time around. just look at the texas pitchers (i assume they’ve seen them before).

in other news, after finding the Jays game to be inexplicably absent from the big two for the third time in 4 games, I stumbled upon channel 399. thank you channel 399. you allowed me to watch the Jays drown in the kiddy pool of Elmer’s repetoire but you also allowed me to become reacquainted with Buck Martinez. How was that man ever allowed to manage a MLB team? midway through the broadcast he launched an attack on walks. it was phenomenal commentary. Supposedly Buck prefers outs to walks when it comes to his 3-4-5 men. this hilarious belief came into dispute innings later when he celebrated the two-run HR of one Kevin Millar. i’d prefer archaic color guys to the douchebaggery of Jamie Campbell who was made to look traiterous by the Orioles play-by-play man. on a number of occasions last nite the guy went on tirades against the Yanks. good stuff. show some loyalty campbell. i would forgive your whiny garbage if you consistently berated the AL East powers.

also the Orioles coaches were revealed to be shit last nite by the Jays’ consistency in catching Adam Jones, who is horrifyingly disgusting, though they fucked throws up. It was also revealed that the Orioles staff doesn’t rely on pitch counts. Interesting. I guess it would never get to that point anyways as the Os’ announcer was impressed by the starter’s ability to reach the 6th inning. He called it deep.


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