The BEEJ!! and the Absurdity of Hamilton Worship


Last nite the Beej emerged from his Tommy John vacah and shut down three straight hitters after surrendering a triple to Marlon Byrdd. What does that say about the man’s moxie? Hasn’t played a meaningful inning in a year, comes in, gives up a triple, and has the steel to get out unscathed. I was fucking pumped and you could tell the Jays’ were too. Did ya see the Doc mugging him in the line? Shit, I aint never seen no Doc emotion. Fantastic.


On a different note, I’m pretty fucking tired of hearing about Josh Hamilton’s redemption. The guy was addicted to crack for like 6 years, he’s no fucking hero. While the game was on Sportsnet there was an interesting show on TSN documenting ESPN Magazine’s top stories and they had one about Hamilton. It was fucking disgusting. They blamed his rabid CRACK ADDICTION on the fact lil Josh had never lived alone before. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!?!? I had no idea a majority of people developed crack addictions upon leaving the nest. Oh wait, they fucking don’t. What a bunch a shit. If Hamilton was black they would have ruthlessly villifyed him as a lazy waste of talent. Instead, the Magazine feels Josh’s case of the smacks was due to his lack of home cooked meals. Unbelievable. Last time I checked Daryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden weren’t hoisted up as beacons of redemption. Also, Josh if your looking to meet new people, the tattoo parlors probably not the best choice, alright buddy. OK.

Also, I’m getting pretty tired with the Jays giving up mad triples this year. So far this season they’ve given up 6, 3 of which came in the 9th or later, with the League Leader in triples having 5. Its not like these hits are going the other way and getting lost in the corner or shit, they’re going to left-centre where our goddamn Gold Glover is. What the fuck man? Even Josh Hamilton is better positionally.


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