Too much Stealing Bad for Jays’ Health

Whats the deal with the lack of Jays’ coverage this weekend? As Pudey says, Its brutal. Godfrey, get on a Jays’ channel man. Supposedly we’ve been missing some good Jays’ ball, running and shit. After relentlessly calling for the double steal, the Jays finally execute one, with Zaun and Bucky no less, and I’m left without access. Awful. The Jays have been so attached to the stealing that they even attempted to steal last nite in the 9th with a 4-0 lead. Sketchy Mr. Gibbons. It will be interesting to see whether or not the Rangers retaliate today. They might as well, they got some dude named Feldman pitching for them. Seems like a lackey for some dubious Buck Showalter act (if Buck is even involved with the Rangers anymore. Seems like he should be).


In other news, BEEJ!! has just been activated from the DL. Fantastic despite the loss of the wildly wild League, who has been demoted to Syracuse.


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