3-3s Not Bad. Right?


Oh wait, we swept the Sox. The reigning World Champions. It seems like that kind of momentum should carry on, right? The Jays should have felt confident, optimistic, awakened to the potential within their team. The As should have been a minor inconveinence, not a discouragement. Totally incomprehensible is what the past three days have been.

A Dejected Marcum walks off winless after a brilliant 7-inning performance

Despite the loss, Shawn Marcum was once again phenomenal. Just look at the man’s stat line for the season:

14.0 IP, 4ER, 9H, 2BB, and wait for it…16Ks!!

If only the “power” guys could follow through on their potential and this staff would be blasphemous. The great thing about Marcum has been the fact that the majority of his strikes have been swung on, which according to this http://hardballreview.wordpress.com/2007/12/10/erik-bedard-pros-and-cons-and-strikeouts/ means the Ks will keep on coming. Start the Cy Young campaign.

The mysterious Eveland dominants the Jays. How?

One, of many, completely bizarre aspects of this series has been the Jay’s ineptitude against lefties. So far this season they’re hitting .207 against lefties while going .260 v righties. The important pieces of our lineup are all RHB so hopefully they get their shit together and start pummelling lefties like last year (.296). Thats what makes this sweep even more infuriating and confusing. Two lefty-ROOKIES starting against a lineup stacked with righty bats and we get swept. I need sleep.

Another horrid aspect of this series (sorry bout all the negatives but we just got swept by a team with one veteran. Kind of brutal) was the Reliever clusterfuck. 6 runs given up by the ol’ bullpen, the same bullpen that one month ago looked like the best in baseball. BEEJ!! Sucks that League got the lost, a loss he probably shouldn’t have had the chance to earn but when your bullpen racks up 8 innings in two days I guess you got to look to guys to make plays. Hopefully this doesn’t hinder his recovery. A guess ya just got to tip your hat to the pesky, disciplined Moneyball lineup. They fucking worked counts all series long.

League wouldn’t even had been in the position to earn the loss had one Jay stepped up. 14 men were left on base tonite and twice in extra innings did the Jays have a man on 3rd but no game winning run, these men don’t want to be heroes. Delivering clutch hits may create expectations they don’t want. Just look at Big Frank last year for example A. Now that people are expecting things from him, he has resorted to 3-pitch Ks. 

Anyways, That makes 25 men left on base within two days. Christ, make a play. SOMEONE. Yet another absurd occurence; a young team outperforms a veteran one when it counts. WOW. Hopefully the Jays don’t underestimate another mediocre opponent this weekend in Arlington.


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