Jays’ Issues

Tonite the Jays lost a shootout to the Oakland Athletics 9-8. After getting into a tit-for-tat affair early, the Jays were unable to ride the Big Mo’ of Frank Thomas’ 8th inning jack into a W. Jerermy Accardo’s continued struggling played a significant role as he gave up the tie-breaking run in a 9th inning appearance.

The Condor of Catchers legging out a run in an unrelated ballgame. Don’t know where exactly.

This could be karmic retaliation for my earlier discussion of Kurt Suzuki’s lineage or it could be karmic retalitation for John Gibbon’s decision to play his closer in a non-save situation. Im going to go with the latter if only because I feel potential Bruce Lee-game should be celebrated, not ignored. Regardless of who Kurt Suzuki’s father is, he should be commended for siring such a great ballplayer. Guy is definetely not your prototypical catcher. Has a great eye, hits for contact, and, most defiantly, has some speed in him. While it doesn’t take Donovan Bailey to score on a triple (or Bengie Molina for that matter), he was legging out ground balls at quite the clip. Would sure appreciate him if I was an A’s fan.

Now on to Gibbon’s rebellious decision. Why play Accardo in the 9th Johnny? You got Downs available, put him in. Closers are made for saves situation. I mean whoever the A’s manager is didn’t even have Street ready for the 9th (which was bullshit by the way; there should have been some sort of penalty for their shady stall). That was actually the 2nd instance of Gibbon’s distrusting nature. In the 5th, the dude pulled AJ 1 out before decision eligibility. 1 out!! Sure the situation may have called for the lefty Tallet but I’d risk it just to maintain a working relationship with your goddamn number 2. Gibbons may have just alienated two pieces in one game. Fuckin cowboy.

Now on to matters of a more serious nature. I don’t want to label Wells’ game as a failure or nothing since without his 3-run Jack we wouldn’t even have been in the situation, but his final AB irritated me. After Rios displayed his sublime discipline in the AB before, the Vern looks two strikes into the glove and bites on a balling curve. Something about the guy just does not scream clutch to me. He seems too non-chalant, too laid back to be clutch. Watching Big Frank and Eckstein this year has shown me what true intensity, true desire looks like, and I just don’t see it in Vern most nights. The way he was mugging after he looked that 2nd strike into the mitt really pissed me off. Either take it or erupt, theres no middle ground. I don’t care how funny you are, I care about Jays success. And it seems like I care more than Vern.   

On a lighter note, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Rod Black discuss “nibbling downstairs”. The stache heighthens innuendo to a greasiness unmatched by contemporaries. I am truly grateful to live in a country where visual media members can rock pornstaches without prosecution. Oh Canada.



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2 responses to “Jays’ Issues

  1. Typical Jays closing problems, I’m starting to recall why I’m so emotionally detached from this team.

  2. jays08

    ya its an awful life. i honestly saw october after last weekend’s sweep and now the fuckin As are working us. brutal.

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