The Hawks Pull it Off!!! The Hawks Pull it Off!!!


wow what an amazing finish to the 2008 NCAA tourney. I feel sorry for any sports fan who missed that ending. wow. fantastic shot, fantastic game. I got to say congratulations to the Kansas Jayhawks, epic comeback guys.

What an amazing year we as sports fans have been blessed with. Two Championship games that were incredibly exciting, compelling, invigorating. When Chalmers hit that three, I reacted exactly as I did when Tyree came down with that ball; WHAT!!! Fantastic year for Championship games. Might even inspire me to watch hockey.

On a more sombre note, I feel absolutely terrible for Memphis, especially Mr. Joey Dorsey. Though I was certainly critical of their style before tonite (Something about Rose pisses me off, seems like hes the second coming of Stephon Marbury), you got to feel for a team who lost in the worst possible way; failing to execute a skill they had been criticized for all year. The fucking pundits are going to be sucking each other all week. free throws, free throws, free throws is gonna be pummelled into our heads while the “experts” celebrate the vindication of their brilliance. Its too bad that dude (I don’t know who) body-checked Collins to the floor in the last minute as well. You know the media has been itching to portray these guys as thugs and that act of frustration may haunt this team’s legacy. I really would hate to see them remembered for its flaws considering the incredible athletes who led them. Dorsey, Rose, and Douglas-Roberts will undoubtdely be solid contributors to NBA clubs in the near future. Great season Memphis, you deserved better.


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