Why does this happen? Why do I constantly allow myself to be seduced by a Jays’ sweep? Oh ya, because they never happen!! The 08 Jays are FOR REAL!! Big Frank’s decision to partake in fielding drills has led to one of his best starts in a Jay’s uni, despite the fact hes still hitting below the Mendoza but what ever, Grand Slams buy ignorance. The guy is rejuvenated. I think his slow start last year may have been due to the absurd expectations surrounding his signing with the Jays. I mean you can’t expect someone to repeat the season Big Frank had with Oakland. I think the arrival of the St. Loo vets has removed the burden he may have felt to be a leader that according to Ozzie Guillen, Big Frank just isn’t. Now that theres no need to continue such a sherade he can focus on what he does best; rake. And yes I just used the word sherade while discussing sports. I’m progressive like that.

Besides the juvenatish of Big Frank, we have been blessed to be witness to the Eckstein. I mean has anyone won over the hearts of a fanbase as quickly as D-X has. He has become my favorite Jay after 6 games. I got chills when he sprinted to 1st after that epic AB in the 7th of Friday’s game. Guy goes down 0-2 and fights off or takes the next 9 pitches before getting the walk (even watching it unfold on the net is inspiring – You could just feel the following rally was inevitable. Any team that doesn’t get hyped by that kind of performance should be sent to AAA (or the NL at least). But seriously, how blessed are we these days? I’m actually debating whether or not Rolen should be placed back in the lineup when his fingernail stops hurting. Scoots is playin some good ball and I don’t want to mess with the beauty that is the modern Jays. An embarassment of riches we have.

Absurd gushing aside, some things have got me a lil’ worried. First and foremost would be the Doc’s early  penchant for giving up Jacks to LH batters. I mean 4 in two games, whats the deal sir? Guy only gave up 15 all of last year. Hopefully he’ll get that under control. Actually, thats all I’m concerned about. Wow. This season is going to be awesome.


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