A’s Massacre Pending

now that my Jay’s optimism is at a season high, I will now declare the A’s chances of winning a game this series to be few. Yes, my boldness and heroism know few boundaries they could not shatter, except those of actual consequences. When looking at the A’s roster I find it difficult to believe they could beat the Jays considering they have approximatelly ZERO recognizable names (everyday players anyways and we all know how overrated they have become). I will finally have to take the word of Jamie Campbell and The Unpaid’s as baseball gospel for they will tell me “these are the A’s” and I will have no logical rebuttal; this will pain me. No matter though since any announcer-derived pain can easily be remedied by some Jays’ W.

On a side note, did you know that the A’s catcher is named Kurt Suzuki? It surprised me as well, but supposedly he is 26 which makes me wonder A) whether Beane has somehow bypassed the Japanese League rules (kind of like the shameless Leaf’s attempt to render the NHL Draft obsolete) or B) whether or not we can add Kurt Suzuki’s father to the immortal duo of Bruce Lee and Paul Kariya’s father (thank you White Person Blog).


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