Opening Day

capt_e8324436b73a40a99b54e83c07481429_blue_jays_yankees_baseball_nyha120.jpg Fatass Melks hits chintziest HR ever at Yankee Stadium

3-2 Yanks W-Wang L-Halladay

Overall decent effort by the Jays tonite, who would have pulled it out if not for a couple Aaron Hill gaffs in the 7th. Now, there haven’t been too many opportunities to criticize the Jays for meek baserunning in the past, I think Peavy has seen the wrath Butterfields received and has promoted an environment of balllessness in order to avoid criticism. this is legit. Anyways this brings us to the 7th inning. Aaron Hill receives a gift when the ignorant Melks (that HR was a fuckin joke and those catches were mediocre at best) gets cocky and dives for an unattainable ball. this would have been a sure three-bagger considering the neanderthal Damon was throwing, but no, Hill comes up lame and costs us a sure run. Not only did Hill reveal his vagina tonite, he also fucked up an inning-ending DP in the same inning that handed the Yanks a run. come on Mr. Hill. i thought you were cool.

capt_58f531e730bf46a9b103340832c8c1b7_blue_jays_yankees_baseball_nyy109.jpgMr. X reveals what should have been a DP ball

Next up; Vern. not a good start for ‘the franchise’. while his awful attempt at highlight of the night in the 8th was remedied by some clutch Downs pitching, his bat was undoubtedly garbage. although i’ll concede his called K in the 8th was bullshit, the guy did hit into two double plays and grounded out once. i guess sinker balls ain’t his thang. he did deserve more out of that 8th inning AB against Joba, which was pretty sweet, though not nearly as sweet as Rios discipline clinic in the AB before.

despite the poor showings of Hill n Vern, the opener does breed optimism. i thoroughly enjoyed the antics of one Mr. Eckstein. guy looks and throws like a 10 year old. also, Gibbons willingness to run was a treat. though my grandmother could outrun Posada’s arm, his willingness to give the green light (3 SB – 2 to SCOOTSMARCO, 1 to Alexis) bodes well for the Jay’s season, as well as Mr. Rios, who I expect to have a 30-30 year. tomorrow we got AJ v. the Moose, surefire W i say.


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