God hates the Yanks


its official; god has an issue with the yanks. what else could explain the weather today? nothing, thats what. opening day has always been about rejuvenation, rebirth, and oppurtunity anew but god apparently wishes to give none to the yanks. he obviously believes the world is a better place with a struggling yanks team. but why punish us innocent jays fans? were nothin if not peacemakers. plus i had a six and some pizza on the way before i realized the opener was in doubt. while za n wings are always fantastic, they lose some sublimity when your watching tigers-royals instead of doc mowing down overrated d-bags.

i was hopin ol hank could conjure up some black magic n smite the rain clouds but he never arose from his lair.  i suppose he felt his time was better suited watching party of five.



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2 responses to “God hates the Yanks

  1. when is Derek Jeter coming back? Do you think girardi is doing a good job or not?

  2. jays08

    I haven’t watched enough Yanks ball to give an educated answer to that my friend though from what I’ve read, if I was a Yanks fan, I would definetely prefer Girardi to Torre. Torre seemed disinterested and content to just gaze at his rings. At least Girardis displays his fire and competitiveness. Sure they’ve been shitty and all that but their always brutal come spring. I’m horrified for the day when those young arms bloom though. Jesus, nice young staff.

    And as to Jeter, I wouldn’t mind seeing him on the DL for a couple months.

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