A lil’ Paradise Speak

since i didn’t care to watch the raps-bobcats last nite (and considering the turnout in NC, neither did anyone else), i instead chose to watch the phenomenal paradise hotel 2. since the original was fantastically done (props to the producers who created so much hatred between the “originals” and the “others”) i have been catching bits and pieces of the new season. last nite got me hooked fo sho. the superiority that the “originals” feel throughout the show is part of its appeal. they act like they in fact discovered the paradise and turned it into their own community dominated by spontaneuos drunken dance parties. the truth is they have only been residents in paradise for days more than the new cast members yet feel the need to exert their dominance by droppin “original” every 5 minutes. it is just insane.

that too is whats so great about paradise. time within reality shows has always been a problem with me (like how long are the contestants actually living in the trump tower, or gauntlet participants in foreign countries) but paradise lets it be known that they have only been there for 2 weeks!! when i go on exotic vacas for 2 weeks, the shit that goes down within paradise never happens. i feel cheated cuba. also the characters introduced within the new cast have been outstanding. last nite was the peak. the loveable sex addict mike revealed his affection for the asian race (supposedly they get along well), and ryan revealed that a 50,000 salary in the surfing/lifeguard community is frowned upon. where do they find these guys? fantastic viewing.


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