Roles, don’t leave us with Marty. Roles?


According to, it appears as if Scott Rolen will be sidelined until May with his boo-boo. Sweet. Nothing like seeing Martin (Marky? What is the dude’s name? always bodes well when you can’t remember the name of an opening day starter) Scutaro at 3rd base come Monday. Does he have an arm capable of making those long throws? Considering the mental picture I have of him (small, Eckstein-type cat) I can’t see him making that throw consistently. Gonna be a lot of infield singles the first month. Shit, there goes our stellar D, unless they allow the Johnny Mac to give her a shot over there. Tough times.

On a sympathetic note, it must suck for Mr. Rolen to have one of the most emasculating injuries in recent Jay’s history. I can just see him getting questionable glance after questionable glance upon revealing his injury to people. “So your injured eh, Whats wrong with you?” “oh, well, the tip of my finger hurts” I know I’m belittling the injury’s significance but its definitely going to happen. Hopefully he hears it enough to get good and pissed off for his return.


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