Really, Mr. Mitchell, Really?

have a 24 at hand tonite friends, your gonna need every one. mr. doug smith has dropped a bombshell on my joyful Wednesday; tonite, in your raptors starting lineup, TJ FORD. wow. lets get right into it by looking at the trusty +/- for the PGs the last three games:

TJ – Miami +15 in 22:39, @Cleveland -13 in 18:05, Denver -14 in 16:11 for a total of………..   -12 in 56:55

Jose – Miami +27 in 25:21, @Cleveland +6 in 29:55, Denver +5 in 31:49 for a total of………..    +38 in 88:05

50 POINT DIFFERENTIAL!! extrapolate TJ’s numbers across Jose’s minutes and things get even worse (I’m using the last 3 games for this study cuz of the Bosh factor. the west coast disaster don’t count none). why couldn’t sam attempt this experiment during the west coast swing when it would have had limited consequences? why does he feel now, after two hard fought games that got away from the raps in the 4th quarter (27-16 in CLE, 38-27 vs. DEN) to be the best time to fuck with his lineup? this is no time for experimentation. we can beat detroit. save it for the knicks mitchell.

also TJ has been instrumental in creating 4th quarter runs for the opposition. case in point:

CLE – TJ comes in at 2:07 of the 3rd – TO leads 63-59

CLE – TJ leaves at 4:33 of the 4th – CLE leads 81-77

DEN – TJ comes in at 2:35 of the 3rd – TO leads 69-65

DEN – TJ leaves at 7:36 of the 4th – DEN leads 85-84

Epic Mess in Utah

Just saying. Maybe its possible that the chemistry with the 2nd unit isn’t working for TJ but I can’t see how usurping Jose will improve this team. Jose and Bosh work the high screen like Nash and Amare and i don’t know if TJ can replicate that success. The only reason i can think of that doesn’t implicate Mitchell’s incompetence for pulling this move would be TJ himself. has his sulking gotten so bad that it is wearing on team moral? has he become such a malcontent in a backup role that he has forced Mitchell to put his job on the line in the hopes he feels better? cuz i got to say, as a raps fan, Ive always considered TJ’s self-esteem much more important than team success.  


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