aLexis Babe, yur a Greek god


just checkin out the mlb jays page and their reporting that JPizz and Alexis are close to inking a 6 year deal worth round 65 million with an option for a 7th year that would bring the total near the 80 mill mark. nice work JP. brutal work Alexis’ agent. who is representin this guy, master p. as much as i appreciate rios’ loyalty as a jays fan, as a human being with financial wants, i dont…understand. since the dudes 27 and i believe he was locked into a 1 year deal, the benevolent Alexis just spit in the face of a potential miguel-type deal. after having a career year in 07, i believe a 30/30 year to be a reasonable ceiling and how many guys are there like that, 5,6. guy could have absolutely cashed in this winter (and you know the Yanks would be all over that with their shitty old outfield). didn’t. shot her down. amazing, a financially content ballplayer. 

nothing like enjoyin the peak years of a franchise outfielder at a reasonable price. shit rarely happens so bask it in my friends. incredible work Jpizz, now if we can only avoid the wellsian drop. take a lesson vern, guy doesn’t rely on potential moola for motivation ya fat bastard (though all will be forgiven with a return to pre-contract form).



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