Suns Year

just finished watching the Suns-Pistons game and despite the Phoenix loss, I believe this is the year for them. being a good Canadian boy, i have always rooted for Nash and the suns to emerge from the west. though i declare my belief in the sun’s ability to breakthrough every year, i gotta say my optimism for a potential championship has peaked. i like the 7 man rotation they got going there. the additions of hill and shaq provide veteran leadership that has been missing in past runs. sure that is a tired declaration but it fits this argument well so i will run with it. though i have no original proof of the sun’s heightened chances, the two players that have me most confident are the incumbents; nash and stoudamire. after watching them play tonite, despite the loss which was totally bogus, the refs love giving the pistons calls which is almost as infuriating as the pundits loyalty to that best starting 5 in the league bullshit, i truly think they will transcend their abilities come playoffs. both put up phenomenal averages and with the added rebounding provided by shaq they wont lose those late game rebounds teams like SA and DET always secure (despite the pistons doing it again tonite). in short i see a canadian fantasy emerging this june; raps-suns. truly amazin.


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