So Long Reed


just saw the sad news on espn’s front page; reed johnson has been cut by the blue jays.  the demise of johnson’s career with the jays has been quick and depressing. after enjoying a breakout year in 2006, reed was only able to play in 76 games in 2007 due to a herniated disk. i remember admiring his fearlessness at the plate as he shrugged off countless HBPs throughout the 2006 season. his .319 av/.390 obp was a treat to watch and led to heightened expectations for the 2007 season, which was unfortunately cut short by injuries. the fact that JP wont give him another shot suggests that he has not fully recovered. hopefully it will not affect his ability to latch on to another team. this hardworking ballplayer deserves another chance to recreate the success of 2006. thanks for the memories mr. johnson and good luck.



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2 responses to “So Long Reed

  1. Good guy, hard working player. But if we hope to contend for the AL East crown, he’s not the guy that’ll get it done at the top of the order.

    I used to be a hardcore Jays fan, used to listen to the games on radio because we didn’t have cable. I stuck through some pretty bad teams in the 90’s but Shawn Green being allowed to walk hurt me. The years after that under Gord Ash, things didn’t get better and there looked to be no hope. I have to say JP has been a little disappointing, was expecting a little more from him.

    Anyway, Shannon Stewart used to be my favorite player and when he left, I was pissed because I thought he was a damn good player despite his weak arm. He’s back and I’m glad he is.

    Nice blog, will be checking it all season long.

  2. jays08

    thank you for the kind words sir, i’ve enjoyed your blog as well. ya JP hasnt lived up to the expectations, but considering the track record of all these moneyball disciples, hes doing pretty well. the only sabermetrics guy to win a world series has been theo epstein, the dude with the 200 mill bankroll.

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