Provoking LeBron: Idiotic or Insane?

LeBron is unstoppable. there is no answer in the league to what LeBron brings to the table. guys 6’9 260 and scores at will. give him one reason to torch you and he will make it his goal to embarass. taking that into consideration, after the 1st half of last nite’s game, LeBron only had 6 points. 6!!! while this defensive performance was undoubtedly impressive, i would advise others to learn from Toronto’s mistake; don’t have Kris Humphries on your roster. since humphries thought that LeBron wasn’t aware of his poor performance, he felt obligated to remind him. as the two teams walked to their respective dressin rooms, LeBron was jawing at the deliriously-confident humphries, who had forgotten how awesome he was until he blocked 23’s shot on the Cavs last possession. anyways, the humph’s idiocy led to a pissed James to go off for 23 in the 2nd half. thanks kris. 

when will the Raptors learn; don’t fuck with the King. we have no one who is remotely capable of guarding him yet fringe characters always feel the need to provoke him. first bosh’s girlfriend and now the delusional humph. either BC has to get the team to manuevere their way into the 6th seed or constantly run the attached vid in the Raps locker room.


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