Did you see the Raps game tonite? Talk about rejuvenation!! Cue up some Award campaigns!! After dominating a Miami team full of scrappy, motivated journeymen, the Raptors issued a stern warning to the league: WE ARE RESILIENT!! give us the depleted worst team in the league and we will devour them 6 times out of 10. Now that Bargnani has recreated a night-light on his face, he will rarely hesitate to drive the lane against Mark Blount and Earl Barron. RARE-LY!!

the Raptors stifling D forced the intangible-laden Heat into a petty 25% from the floor. red-hot Joel Anthony was constantly frustrated by a determined Raptors team out to prove their worth, and let me tell you,  whoever doubted the Raptors ability to win big games was quieted tonite.


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