Matt Ryan: the next Joey Harrington?

was watchin some NFL Network coverage of BC’s pro day and i gotta say something: Matt Ryan will be a bust. there is something about his release that makes me think hes going to be stripped a shitload in the NFL. when releasing the ball, he seems to reach back a lot lower than other QBs. it is definitely one of the longest releases i have seen and somewhat reminds me of Michael Vick, though Ryan’s release is a lot less fluid. combine this with the fact that he threw 19 INTs last season and that is a dangerous combo. i think GMs and coaches are talking themselves into this guy because of the unattainable culture of sanctity that Goodell is attempting to implement. since Goodell took over as commish, his strict no-raining policy has put an even larger premium on intangibles than in previous drafts. Since the scouts have deemed Matt Ryan’s intangibles to be excellent (which has got to be an exhausting process), he has ascended to a projected draft position i feel he does not deserve. sure, i’ll admit that intangibles are essential for someone leading an NFL team, i’d also make sure the guy i’m investing a top 5 pick in (which is where hes projected to go) can get accurate passes off in time and evolve into a Pro Bowl QB. at this moment, based on the 1 min of NFL Network footage i have seen, i don’t think Matt Ryan can do this. 

i seriously hope that Arthur Blank does not feel the need to reach for this guy considering the past year. its been a horrible run for those guys and i think drafting Ryan will only extend their misery. i say draft Run DMC. since when did legendary fertility become detrimental to one’s draft stock?


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