Legitimacy of 40 Times

now i have no factual evidence to back up this theory besides the devastating cunning of the NFL. were all in agreement that the NFL is, by far, the best run league. look at their goddamn TV contracts; ABC was bidding beyond their profit margins just to air MNF. The NFL makes and breaks apparel companies; what the hell has starter done since they lost their NFL rights? i see a similar fall in the future for reebok, especially with the growing popularity of Under Armour (“The Future Are US!!!” or whatever that belligerent dude says). Anyways the NFL is awesome. that is why i believe that the 40 times of every player have been shaved. Why? to secure the belief that NFL players are superior to other professional athletes. i don’t see how it is physically possible for 250 lb men to run as fast as they do in the NFL. if these times are legit, than guys like Vernon Gholston are either not human, or undoubtedly on steroids. guys who run 4.6 can’t bench 225 30 times. 

i’m sure if any speedy baseball player ran the 40 (say Jose Reyes), he wouldn’t break 4.8 (in real time, not bogus NFL time). also consider the case of Mr. Justin Gatlin. though he was on steroids, im sure he was pretty damn fast without em. anyways, guy ran 4.48 recently. 4.48!! or wut 250 lb linebacker have been running in recent years. the former fastest man in the world would lose to any safety in the NFL, which in my mind is kind of bizarre. the supposed fastest time ever run was done by Neon Deion, with a 4.12. if Gatlin’s time is truly indicative of sprinters acceleration, then Neon could have been a world record holder. yet why didn’t he go for it? cuz the 40 times of NFL players are bogus. it is either my theory or steroids. seriously. men of that size cannot run that fast.


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